Jul 032015

BT Sports announce first batch of live Premier League matches for the new season

Manchester United and Tottenham will kick off the new Premier League season, it has been revealed.

United’s first game of the season against Spurs on August 8 will be shown live on BT Sport at 12:45pm on the opening weekend after Sky Sports opted to show other games.

Louis van Gaal’s side will have the honour of opening the televised schedule for the second successive year after taking on Swansea on TV on opening day last year.

The two broadcasters (Sky and BT) will pay an average of £6.5m per game: an average that will rise next season to more than £10m per game following the landmark £5.14bn TV deal that was announced in February.

08-Aug-15 12:45pm Sat Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

15-Aug-15 12:45pm Sat Southampton vs Everton

22-Aug-15 12:45pm Sat Manchester United vs Newcastle United

29-Aug-15 12:45pm Sat Newcastle United vs Arsenal

12-Sep-15 12:45pm Sat Everton vs Chelsea

19-Sep-15 12:45pm Sat Chelsea vs Arsenal

26-Sep-15 12:45pm Sat Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City


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