Jul 262015

Project Free TV website has closed down.

The Project Free TV now displays just one word on its homepage: Goodbye.

Streaming is now one of the most popular ways of viewing content. Thanks to a player embedded in a webpage no special skills are required. As a result, streaming sites have popped up all over the web, with a sizable proportion dedicated to copyrighted content.

However, to be really useful all of this content needs to be findable and that’s where sites such as Project Free TV (PFTV) stepped in. Indexing popular content from all around the web, PFTV presented TV and movie content to the masses in an easily navigated interface with hit shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead just a click away.

As a result of its attention to detail, comprehensive database and a loyal following, PFTV grew to become one of the most popular sites of its kind. Its popularity attracted the attention of copyright holders too, with Hollywood having the site blocked in the UK during November 2013.

Last evening, however, it all came to an end. Instead of its familiar yellow, orange and purple homepage, PFTV now displays a single word: “Goodbye”

Project Free TV was also a massive hit with users of Kodi/XBMC. Thanks to a third party plugin located at, PFTV’s library could be enjoyed from within the software. Users now experience errors instead.

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