Jul 292015

Ahead of the start of the football season, BT has added its Sport Extra channels on satellite and BT TV.

BT Sport Extra 1-7 have been allocated channels 450-456 (SD) and 465-471 (HD) on BT TV, but are still testing ahead of their official launch.

On satellite, where the service will be available to viewers with BT Sport on Sky, the channels are only in standard definition. As previously announced by BT, Sky viewers will only see six of the seven Extra channels, which will be accessed via the red button when viewers will be able to select alternative Champions League matches.

BT Sport Extra 1-6 (SD) – can be manually added to other satellite receivers also, but require a BT Sport subscription to access.

Satellite – Astra 2F


Frequency – 11344 Horizontal
Symbol Rate 27500 (27.5 Mbaud)
FEC 2/3


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