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  1. By satelite..Astra 2 ..28 east..lost free to air… Aastha canal.. Europe Beam..since Eutelsat 28 A.28 east off…..why? any reason

      • Astra 2..28 east position…..Dears..in Europe …no way to put dishes bigger than 1m..and note that the Uk beam is not available in South Europe..Lisbon-Portugal…only one way return Eutelsat 28..weak but cathable….Kkkkkkkk..Astha canal is free to air…we dont understand wy not on Europe beam..the reason..ask them if you please..regards…..

        • Eutelsat 28A is no longer at 28 east, and is off on other missions at other locations, hence why all channels are now on Astra 2e f and 2g.
          Channels are on the UK beam and not the European beam mainly due to broadcast rights restrictions – so they do not transmit into countries that they do not have the broadcast rights for.
          If you want a more definitive answer, then ask the channel themselves.

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