Aug 022015

Football League Tonight
Channel 5
Starts August 8

Channel Five is the new home for the Championship Football League and League Cup highlights.

The highlights show will be on Saturdays at 9pm, and promises to show all goals from all matches in the football league.

Each show will feature the top match footage from all three divisions of the Sky Bet Football League and will include every single goal from matches across the board.

In addition, Channel 5 will also broadcast three one-hour shows covering the end of season Sky Bet Play-Offs across all three divisions, plus eight one-hour highlights shows covering the action from each round of the Capital One Cup.

Channel Five in Spain :


  4 Responses to “Football League – Channel 5 Trailer”

  1. By satelite..Astra 2 ..28 east..lost free to air… Aastha canal.. Europe Beam..since Eutelsat 28 A.28 east off…..why? any reason

    • Aastha is on the UK beam on 2F, and you will have lost it if your dish is too small for where you are.
      Solution: get a larger dish

      • Astra 2..28 east position… Europe …no way to put dishes bigger than 1m..and note that the Uk beam is not available in South Europe..Lisbon-Portugal…only one way return Eutelsat 28..weak but cathable….Kkkkkkkk..Astha canal is free to air…we dont understand wy not on Europe beam..the reason..ask them if you please..regards…..

        • Eutelsat 28A is no longer at 28 east, and is off on other missions at other locations, hence why all channels are now on Astra 2e f and 2g.
          Channels are on the UK beam and not the European beam mainly due to broadcast rights restrictions – so they do not transmit into countries that they do not have the broadcast rights for.
          If you want a more definitive answer, then ask the channel themselves.

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