Aug 022015

UK Freeview is not available in Spain, despite UK TV installers other people in Spain saying UK Freeview IS available in Spain.

UK Freeview is only available in the UK.
UK Freeview is received by a TV aerial in the UK.
UK Freeview is transmitted from land based mast in the UK, masts such as Emley Moor and Crystal Palace.
UK Freeview signals do not reach Spain. They do not even cover the UK 100%!
UK Freeview cannot be received by a satellite dish. They are two different broadcast systems.


However, many of the channels on Freeview are available subscription free via satellite.
And as these channels are transmitted via satellite, they are available in many areas of Spain, using a suitable sized satellite dish.
The most popular system to receive these subscription free UK TV channels via satellite is a Freesat system ( ).
Freesat is a brand name for a type of receiver and programme guide that is specifically designed for the subscription free UK TV channels via satellite.

Not all of the channels on Freeview are available on Freesat. Or on satellite.
Freeview carries some channels that are available for free, but are pay (Sky subscription) on satellite. These channels include Dave, Watch, Drama, Yesterday and Alibi.
Freeview also carries some HD (high definition) channels that are not available at all on satellite. These include Channel 4+1 HD, and 4seven HD and some local TV channels.

Some people I have been called out to see, and some who have contacted me via email, have, based on what they have heard, mistakenly bought Freeview set top boxes out to Spain. They have then either tried to connect them to a satellite dish or connected to a TV aerial in Spain in the hope they can still receive the UK TV channels.

A TV aerial in Spain will only receive the Spanish digital terrestrial channels, like TVE LA1, Cuarto, Teledeporte, Antenna 3, Telecinco, La Sexta and Paramount Channel. There are NO UK TV channels available on the Spanish digital terrestrial TV system.

So next time you hear of a satellite TV installer (or other person) saying you can receive Freeview in Spain, best to find another installer, as they clearly do not know what they are talking about.


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