Aug 042015

Channel Five had operated five versions of Channel Five, for advertising purposes.

The five Channel Five regions were London, South/Central England and Wales, Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which enabled advertisers to target specific regions.

However, it appears that on the 1st August 2015, advertising on these five versions is the same. So all five regional variations of Channel 5 serving different parts of the UK on satellite are now simulcasting the same content.

Channel Fives new owners Viacom considers running these five regional variations financially unviable.

So what is happening to the five Channel Five versions on satellite?

It is thought that the current five standard definition versions of Channel 5 will be merged into one stream on satellite.

This will free up some space on this transponder.

Perhaps other channels owned by Viacom can be moved there.

Or perhaps Channel 5 HD could be transferred.

This may cause issues for viewers in the south of Spain. Channel Five HD is on the European beam, and easy to receive in most of Spain on “small” satellite dishes. A move to the Viacom Channel Five transponder will result in a loss of Channel Five HD, as this transponder is on the UK beam, and much harder to receive in areas of Spain like Almeria, Costa del Sol, and Gibraltar.


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