Live Football on Sky Sports and BT Sport – who is showing what — 2 Comments

  1. Dears..I dont understand why on 28 east Astra 2..on frequencies 10891h until 10994h is repetead of several times the BBC..ITV..ITV1..etc…the language english is same…45cm dish only is required….why explain me..they can put there several other channels to Europe Beam….

    • There are different versions of BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, and C4 due to regional variations. For BBC and ITV this is for local news and local programmes. For ITV and C4 this is for different advertising regions.
      They may not want to put their other channel onto the European beam as they do not have the broadcast rights for other countries, hence why they are on the UK beam – to try and limit the signal into areas where they do have those rights – ie the UK.

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