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The difference between a QUAD LNB and QUATTRO LNB

LNB stands for Low Noise Block Downconvertor. The LNB converts high frequencies down to lower frequencies – hence the “downconvertor”. This conversion by the LNB is required to enable a satellite receiver to decode the signal into video and audio, because the frequencies transmitted by a satellite are too high to be decoded by a set-top box.

There are different types of LNB, (offset, prime focus, Ku and KA band), as well as differences in the number of ports an LNB can have.

There are single port LNBs, as well as twin (two), quad (four) and octo (eight).

But there are also QUATTO LNBs which sometimes are confused with QUAD LNBs.


A QUAD LNB provides four separate outputs, each output capable of supplying a single feed to a satellite receiver. For example two of the outputs from a quad LNB can be used to feed a Sky+ or Sky+HD digibox (it has two feeds so you can record while watching live TV), with either the other two feeding a second Sky+ or Sky+HD digibox or just a single output feeding a regular Sky digibox. So a QUAD LNB is ideal where a maximum of four satellite feeds is required.


Satellite signals are sent using four frequency “bands” :
Low Band – Horizontal Polarization
High Band – Horizontal Polarization
Low Band – Vertical Polarization
High Band – Vertical Polarization

A QUAD LNB connect to a single receiver can switch between these bands as it needs to. A QUAD LNB can only handle one frequency band at a time.
But for a multiple distribution system, where multiple feeds are required, then a QUATTRO LNB and a multiswitch unit are required.
The QUATTRO LNB feeds all four frequency bands to the multiswitch unit. This ensures that channels on those four frequency bands are available at all times to the multiswitch unit. So multiple satellite receivers can be used at the same time, each looking at an individual frequency band.

QUAD LNBs and QUATTRO LNBs can look exactly the same.
Apart from the QUAD LNBs ports are numbered 1,2,3 and 4, and the QUATTRO LNBs ports are labelled HH, HL, VH, VL (the four frequency bands).

Using a QUAD LNB when a QUATTRO LNB is require can lead to a loss of channels, as the multiswitch distribution system cannot function correctly.

In summary :
A QUAD LNB can drive four tuners directly, with each output providing signals from the four frequency groups
A QUATTRO LNB is for connection to a multiswitch in a distribution system and each output provides only one of the four frequency groups.


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  4 Responses to “The difference between a QUAD LNB and QUATTRO LNB”

  1. Additional Information the reason the LNB converts to lower frequency (Down Converts) is that C Band, Ku Band frequency is very high and would require very expensive Wave Guide, so it is down converted so it can travel along coaxial cable.

  2. Thank you for this summary of the difference. It helps me understand why my hours on the roof come to nought.

  3. Hi Jon, I seem to have lost a load of channels (BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 etc.).

    Are they all on the same band ? I have a quattro LNB not a quad

    • BBC 2 England SD, some ITV1 SD, C4 and Fives are on horizontal low…
      Some BBC1 SD are also
      Some BBC SD regions, some BBC 2 regions, C4+1 are on vertical low
      so sounds like you have lost a band

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