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The difference between a QUAD LNB and QUATTRO LNB — 4 Comments

  1. Additional Information the reason the LNB converts to lower frequency (Down Converts) is that C Band, Ku Band frequency is very high and would require very expensive Wave Guide, so it is down converted so it can travel along coaxial cable.

  2. Hi Jon, I seem to have lost a load of channels (BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 etc.).

    Are they all on the same band ? I have a quattro LNB not a quad

    • BBC 2 England SD, some ITV1 SD, C4 and Fives are on horizontal low…
      Some BBC1 SD are also
      Some BBC SD regions, some BBC 2 regions, C4+1 are on vertical low
      so sounds like you have lost a band

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