Sep 012015

BT Sport HD changes frequency again

The HD versions of BT’s sports channels have switched frequencies for the second time this month.

This time they have moved onto the UK beam on Astra 2E, making reception of these channels harder to receive in some areas of Europe than when they were on the European beam.

Most Sky receivers should have automatically adjusted to the new frequency, but some receivers may need rebooting.

The HD versions of BT’s sports channels are on the following frequency:

Frequency: 11386
Polarisation: V
Symbol Rate: 29500 (29.5 Mbaud)
FEC: 3/4


  2 Responses to “BT Sport HD changes frequency again”

  1. It seems the SD version of BT SPORTS channells are on the European beam of ASTRA 2G (IS THAT RIGHT ?) . However, with a 120 cm dish from northern Italy I’m able to watch these SD channells only briefly after sunset. All the other on the European Beam are OK ? Why not BT Sports SD ?


    • Could be anything from your dish is just a tad too small – we know the European beam does not favour eastern areas of Europe like it used to… – or your dish and LNB need a small tweak.

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