Sep 112015

The Premier League is to enhance the protection of its live broadcasts with the appointment of Friend MTS to assist in the protection of streams on OTT and TV Everywhere streams worldwide.

Through its global internet monitoring system, and unique network forensics capability, Friend MTS will identify where security weaknesses are being exploited, and the Premier League notified.

Kevin Plumb, Head of Legal Services for The Premier League, said, “Protecting the distribution of our live games across all video platforms is paramount to us and our broadcast partners. By working with Friend MTS we will be able to identify any platform leaks, thereby ensuring that they can be fixed quickly.”

Friend MTS will be familiar to the Premier League through its work for Sky Sports, which has been a long term customer. While Sky runs its own Premier League feed, many international broadcasters take the universal feed provided by the Premier League.

Friend MTS’ CEO Jonathan Friend said, “The Premier League is always innovating and evolving in its approach to piracy, and our new partnership will enhance this further by identifying real-world exploits of platform security vulnerabilities. By making it harder for licensed services to become sources for piracy, and preventing cascading cases of ‘pirates pirating pirates’, this degrades the quality of illegitimate services and reduces the economic threat to rights holders.”



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