Oct 082015

An international network illegally distributing TV signals via satellite has been caught and shut down in an operation involving police in Brazil and Portugal.

The Judicial Police and the Brazilian authorities say they have dismantled the international criminal organisation that was dedicated to the unlawful distribution of satellite TV signals through ‘card-sharing*.’

The police operation in Brazil caught several suspects including a Portuguese national while in Portugal a man was arrested on suspicion of managing the distribution network which served more than 10,000 clients in Portugal, Brazil and a number of European countries.

The service has been shut down as the police managed to confiscate all the computer hardware that ran the illegal service.

The Judicial Police in Lisbon said that this type of activity, as well as being illegal, affects the national economy and those legitimate businesses operating in this market.

There is no indication if the end users / customers of the service are also to be prosecuted.


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