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BeIn Sports announce new package details for its Middle East service — 14 Comments

  1. Hi, as mentioned I have lost by channel 11, 12 etc however, I already have my dish aligned on EsHailsat 25,5 but after doing a factory reset I am struggling to pick up the 11 and 12 on the new frequency, I would appreciate any info with regad to the best transponder freq for these channels, I am located in Tenerife!

    Cheers in advance!

    • Cannot confirm or deny.
      Only the odd rumour that it will happen.
      But if it is like the last change, BeIN will say so after it has happened!!!
      But then considering you get more of their channels on Eshail t 25.5, best move your dish now rather than wait…

  2. Starting today bein sport Arabic channels showing some Arabic message about something free will end on 31/12/2015 and if you want to continue you have to call them,do you know what is it?

    • Perhaps it is to do with the fact that as part of their package changes in November, where you got some channels for “free”, it is reminding you that if you want to continue watching them, then you need up upgrade your package?

        • I have no idea what is actually happening, I have not seen the message, so cannot say for sure.
          But there are two options:
          -the “bonus” channels you are getting will end on 31/12/2015
          – or all BeIN channels will move from &West and move to 25.5 east.

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