Nov 182015

Sky have announced a new service, SkyQ.

It incorporates what Sky are calling “Fluid Viewing™”


Sky Q will be available for customers in the UK and Ireland early in 2016. The exact date and details of pricing nearer the time.

SkyQ will allow users 2TB of storage and can record 4 shows at once.

With a new user interface.


And a new SkyQ set top box, which includes 12 tuners, allowing you to record 4 channels and watch a fifth at the same time. There will be the main “SkyQ Silver”, “SkyQ hub” and “SkyQ Mini” box.


The new SkyQ will also include Voice Searching.

SkyQ will “Set your TV free” with the power of the Sky Q box to let shows and movies flow seamlessly across the different screens in your life. It will apparently stream from the main SkyQ box to other SkyQ Hubs and SkyQMinis and to tablets in your home. This means you can pause a show in one room and pick up in another!

“3 big screens and two tablets can watch live shows simultaneously while still recording 4 programmes”

“Facebook and Vevo built into the main TV interface!”

And SkyQ is 4k ready, for UHDTV!

“SkyQ Sync” – allows you to take your recordings with you on phone or tablet.

The product range is as follows:
•Sky Q Silver and Sky Q – two new super-slim, powerful boxes for the main TV set, featuring up to 12 tuners and up to 2TB of storage
•Sky Q Mini – a new plug and play box giving wireless access to Sky Q in other rooms in the home without running cables from the dish
•Sky Q Hub – the all new Hub has built in Powerline networking technology, so it can use in-home electrical wiring as well as Wi-Fi to communicate with Sky Q boxes, automatically giving the best connection available. The Sky Q Hub also turns Sky Q boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots which means Sky Broadband customers get a stronger signal and better coverage throughout the home
•Sky Q app – a brand new app for tablets that lets you enjoy all of the Sky Q experience at home, and take recordings with you and watch live and on demand content on the go

The Sky Q box offers Apple Air Play support to let you cast your own content and features a number of online apps, including YouTube, GoPro and Red Bull channels

One of the main selling points of the new service is a new function that will enable viewers to take what they’re watching from one device to another, in what Sky has called “fluid viewing”. To give households plenty of choice as to what they want to watch, the new Sky Q silver box will have a total of 12 tuners for watch live TV and recording programmes.

Effectively, Sky subscribers will be able to watch live TV, catch-up TV and recorded programmes wherever they are in the house on any supported device. A new app will be launched for tablets allowing viewers to stream their recordings from Sky Q to their device.

The box will be ready for future UHD broadcasts, although there is no specific news about new UHD services as yet. Sky itself has said that UHD services will follow “later in 2016”.


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