Nov 202015

A change in transponder parameters affecting NHK World HD and RT HD was made this week.

New frequency settings for NHK World HD and RT HD

(Astra 2, 28.2-5 East)

•Frequency / Polarisation: 11.225 / V
•Symbol Rate: 23.000 (23.0 Mbaud)
•FEC: 2/3
•Broadcast standard: DVB-S2, 8PSK

Viewers using free-to-air satellite receivers should use the new parameters listed below to regain access to the channels. Viewers with Sky or Freesat boxes that are affected should initially reboot their boxes. Some Freesat users may need to do a new Freesat scan to regain access to the channels if a reboot doesn’t work.


  4 Responses to “NHK World HD and RT HD frequency parameter changes on satellite”

  1. Have lost a lot of stations trouble started yesterday 19/11/2015 using Manhatten Freestat HD how do we get them back?

    • One suggestion in the post above is to reboot your receiver.
      The next suggestion, again in the post above, is a perform a new freesat scan.

      Of course this depends which if the 175 TV channels available on Freesat you have lost…as only these two (RT and NHK HD) changed frequencies recently.

  2. how do you reboot and how do you re scan?

    • Reboot: put box into standby, disconnect from power for 30 seconds, reapply power, wait for the box to reboot.
      Rescan: go in to menu, go to installation, and New Freesat scan.

      That will pick up channels if they have changed frequencies in the last week or so and your box has not automatically updated.
      But if you have lost channel like BBC and ITV etc, then these are still on the same frequencies, and perhaps is nothing to do with your box, but a dish alignment, lnb or cabling issue….

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