Nov 212015

Channel Five satellite changes in the next few weeks.

In the next few week, there will be some technical changes happening to Channel Five on satellite.

In the past Channel Five have operated five regional variations of Channel Five, for more specific advertising.

Earlier this year, since 1st August 2015, there has been just one national version of Channel 5, showing the same adverts.

Now in the next couple of weeks, four of the Channel Five regional variations will close, leaving just one feed covering the whole of the UK.

Due to these changes, all regions of the UK will mapped to a single set of programme data.

This change will affect viewer recordings and series links for Channel Five.

The changes will affect the following regions on the following dates:
•Scotland – 23 November 2015
•North of England – 30 November 2015
•Northern Ireland and London – 7 December 2015

Sky is advising its Sky+ customers to check their planned recordings.
Sky is advising viewers to go to the Sky+ planner after the “relevant date” listed above, delete any scheduled recordings on Channel 5 and then go to Channel 5 in the programme guide (105 for SD customers and 171 for HD customers) and reselect the shows you’d like to record and reset any series links.

Viewers in Central and southern England (not London) and Wales are not affected. That’s because the former regional variant for these areas now serves as the single national version of Channel 5, and viewers don’t need migrating.

Channel 5+1 and Channel 5 HD are unaffected by the changes, regardless where you are in the UK.

Freesat hasn’t yet commented on how the changes might affect viewers with their service in the coming weeks, as Freesat’s programme data is also broadcast alongside Sky’s data.

Users with other satellite receivers will already be able to see all of the Channel Five regional variations, but after the dates specified only one of those will be working.


  20 Responses to “Channel Five satellite changes in the next few weeks.”

  1. I think in the new year .this will be good news for 27 west viewers ?

  2. Channel 5 this will be Good news for those using 27 the new year

    • Why?
      They don’t have any obligations to be on 27 west – as seen by the last 5 or so years when they have not been on it.
      And moving to one region version makes no difference any way, as they could have had one version on there already anyway.

  3. As this is the only national backup path via satellite

    • But why now, when they have not been on there for the last 3-5 years? Makes no sense to suddenly move on there. They are trying to cut costs, not incur more! Mabe if and when 5HD moves to Freeview, it may be considered, but even then that is not a given. It may be “only national backup path via satellite”, but then fibre optic and relays are already there as backup, and how many times has this system actually been used as back up ?

      • Its fare cheaper fir the BBC to use 27west .than it to use fibre/cable

        • But it is not the BBC that is using 27 west – it is Arquiva, or whoever operates Freeview these days – And if it is Arquiva, then they own and operate most of the UK fibre optic networks… so not much cost to them involved in that.
          And it is fair cheaper not to use 27 west anyway…I bet it has hardly been used for any back up for a long time, so is it really cost efficient…?

          • Still cheaper to stay on 27 west rather than optic.And Arquiva don’t do nothing for free. That includes changing the codes? Like you say the BBC are trying to save money not waist it.

          • Arquiva operate Freeview, and the “BBC Satback” service – not the BBC.
            But if the BBC were anting to save money, then cutting this service may be better than closing a full channel!

          • Not everbody as access to fibre optic .

          • They only need fibre optic between the transmission masts…not to every household!

          • Terrestrial based outages are rare and fall back to national services via satellite is not common.

          • That is my point – if terrestrial failures are rare, then why have back up service via satellite (i907), when there is fibre optic between masts, and Astra 2 satellites all readily available?

  4. And if this does take would proberbly use BBC3 slot ?

  5. Good point
    We will have to wait and see

  6. Advert
  7. Comms 2003 Could also be amended.
    Adding HD versions of the PSB channels like Channel 5 HD .which at the moment is on the paywall.
    And can be viewed in spain easy

  8. We will have to wait and see what santa as for us

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