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ITV1 HD frequency changes – 2nd Dec 2015 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi I live in Puerto de Mazarron. I lost ITV HD 119 (Granada) on 2 Dec 2015. I tried to do a manual retune on my Humax Box, that got me all the channels except still no ITV HD, but they were all over the place starting with 50***. So did a Freest retune got all my channels back including a new BBC HD at 972 but still “no signal received” on 119 ITV HD Granada.
    I got the new ITV Hub ok, as I have a UK IP address.

    Any clues or is this the best I can expect please?

    • Doing a “non freesat scan” puts the channels in the channel list from channel 5000 – as this is not a freesat setting.
      Doing a Freesat scan puts the channels in the correct Freesat channel listing.
      The recent changes by ITV make it slightly harder to receive their ITV1HD channel.
      So your loss of this channel will be down to your dish not being the correct size (ie too small!) , your dish alignment is off, or your LNB skew not being correct.

      • hi Im in Macon france and still can’t tune to ITV HD, Ive a 83×63 dish its fine for all sky and all ITV HD channels on SkyHD box except IVT1 HD/ITV HD. Ive 50% signal quality but signal is fine and quality HD. Do I need a bigger dish for ITV HD or some other setting , Im not sure what frequency to scan on for instance as Ive tried all the ITV HD frequencies I can find. So a Frequency and settings for mid france would be good to finalise a signal and dish error i guess ?

        • ITV1 HD is a very sensitive channel, and requires the dish and LNB to be aligned correctly.
          As reception in France is different to where I am, it is entirely possible that your dish is just too small for reception of ITV1 HD.
          Although you say “Ive 50% signal quality but signal is fine and quality” it dpeends which frequency you are measuring this on – as the signal screen on the Sky boxes may not be reports the required ITV1HD frequency, but the Sky default frequency…or the frequency of the channel that is being watched at the time.

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