Dec 052015

Is Channel 5 HD coming to Freesat soon?

What has lead to this speculation?

Well, on Friday on the Channel Five satellite transponder, 10964 H 22 5/6, new label has appeared.

This label is tagged as “7750”

It is currently encrypted, but it is configured as HD.

With Channel Five closing its regional variations and only running one regional variation, this leaves enough room on this frequency for Channel Five HD.

This would be a great addition of Freesat, as current Channel Five HD is a Sky HD subscription channel.

Channel Five HD is currently on the European beam, and so easily available across most of Western Europe, including southern Spain.

A move to the Channel Five transponder 10964 would mean the loss of Channel Five for southern Spain, as this frequency is on the UK Beam.

The move would mean that all five of the main UK TV channels are available in HD via satellite subscription free.


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