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Channel Five satellite changes – Dec 2015 Update — 2 Comments

  1. Hi my name is George .All of a sudden started to recieve bbc, itv etc in the north of Spain near bilbao. Any reason why this has happend, until now was not able to receive these channels since the change to uk beam. Any info would be appreciated.

    • You have always been able to receive the channels on the UK beam in your area – if you have the right sized dish to pick up those signals.
      Most people “lost” the channels as they simply do not have the right sized dish for their area.

      If you are able to “suddenly” receive them again, then yes, it happens.
      Why? No idea, maybe the colder air helps carry the signals further?
      If it was a regular thing, then you would have been able to receive them at this time last year also.

      But it does mean that your dish is probably just a tad too small to receive them on a normal basis, so perhaps upgrading to the next size will help receive them longer??

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