Jan 162016

Many users of Android TV boxes, (Brit TV boxes, Costa Smart TV Boxes) that use XBMC / Kodi, will have noticed that their iVue TV guide is no longer working.

This is because the developer has pulled it from service, due to rising bandwidth usage on his server, and for people who “have decided it’s ok to leech, tear apart and modify the guide for their own financial gain. To be frank, the leeches, modifiers, moaners and money seekers have taken the fun out of providing the service we love. Simply put, we have had enough of them. iVue has been around for years, we have some great followers but alas the majority of profiteers vastly out ways them and the grief we receive on a daily basis has just seriously taken the fun out of it all.”

iVue Guide was available for free, and developed for users of the Kodi community forum.

The developers have decided to start it again from scratch, and to limit its user to selected users only.

So some people who sold Android boxes using the iVue guide for their own gain, without seeking permission from the guides developers, are now scrambling to find an alternate build for their boxes.


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