Jan 292016

Sky’s next generation TV service, Sky Q, will start taking orders from 9th February 2016, with installations starting a few weeks later.

Sky Q will launch with two brand new bundles.

The Sky Q Bundle gives customers the benefits of Fluid Viewing, together with the very best range of entertainment content from Sky – including:
• Over 50 HD channels and 300+ Sky Box Sets as standard, accessed via completely new TV guide and home page
• Record 3 shows and watch a 4th live
• Pause on one room and pick up the action on a tablet around your home
• Stream your TV around your home via the Sky Q app, and take your recordings with you
• Download shows to your tablet to watch offline
• All new Sky Q touch Bluetooth remote
• Browse Facebook photos and stream music wirelessly over your TV sound system with Bluetooth or Apple’s AirPlay
• Brand new interactive sidebar apps for catching up with the latest from Sky News and Sky Sports without interrupting the big screen experience
• Brand new Online Video section – with videos fully on demand from YouTube and Vevo, plus a curated service which showcases a wide range of the best of the web– including videos from GQ, Vogue, WIRED, Red Bull Media House and Funny Or Die.

The Sky Q Silver Bundle gives you everything from the Sky Q Bundle, plus:
• The ultimate Fluid Viewing experience, on multiple TV screens around your home – letting you watch on two additional Sky Q Minis*, and the option to stream your TV to two tablets all at the same time
• Record and watch even more: record 4 shows while watching a 5th live
• The top of the range 2TB Sky Q Silver box, which is Ultra HD ready in advance of Sky launching the UK’s most comprehensive Ultra High Definition service later in 2016

All customers who already have Sky Broadband or who purchase Sky Broadband when buying Sky Q will also receive our new Sky Q Hub that turns Sky Q boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots, giving a supercharged Sky Broadband experience with the strongest and best coverage throughout the home. Sky Q installations will be phased with Sky Broadband customers receiving the product first, before very soon opening up to those with other broadband providers.

Monthly costs
Sky Q – Basic charge – £42
Sky Q – Basic + Sky Movies charge – £59
Sky Q – Basic + Sky Sports charge – £67.50
Sky Q – Basic + Sky Movies and Sky Sports charge – £76.50

Sky Q Silver – Basic charge – £54
Sky Q Silver – Basic + Sky Movies charge – £71
Sky Q Silver – Basic + Sky Sports charge – £79.50
Sky Q Silver – Basic + Sky Movies and Sky Sports charge – £88.50


  6 Responses to “Sky Q – Bundle and equipment details”

  1. im in england i have sky already i might get sky q silver i already have the main package will i be able to take it all to spain and will it all work with out them knowing my dish is 2 .4 meters

  2. Do you have any information in relation to Sky Q working in Spain and if so will you be supplying the hardware and will the type of Boradband service required be specific, i.e. would it work with “Areomax”?

    • At the moment SkyQ is only being issues to Sky Broadband users.
      So at the moment it is difficult to say what its availability, and costs, and if it works as it should do in Spain.

      I would have thought that if your current internet system works fine for all the SK on demand stuff, then it will work fine for the SkyQ on Demand stuff. But difficult to say as at the moment it is impossible to get a box to test here in Spain.

  3. You can not remove Sky Q equipment from the UK as it is only rented to the subcriber not sold like the old HD boxes etc. So you would be stealing. Ebay have blocked any sale of Sky Q for this very reason.

    • How would they know if you did? The same was meant to apply of new Sky, Sky+, Sky+HD boxes in their first year of the contract, as part of their discounted installation agreement, connected to a UK phoneline for Sky to police where the boxes were being used… but even then they still were able to be used outside the UK.

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