Feb 072016

Sky have confirmed that there is an option to install Sky Q so that it will work with Freesat and you can run the two systems off the same dish.

Initially it was thought that Sky Q could not be used together with Sky+HD and Freesat receivers due to the LNB hardware that SkyQ would have to use.

The tuners in the SkyQ box are full frequency band capable. They do not have the capability to band and polarisation switch a standard KU band universal LNB.The new LNB sends all horizontally polarised transponders down one cable and the vertical ones down the other. That’s how two cables can feed 12 tuners on the SkyQ box. But traditional Sky digiboxes, and Freesat set top boxes do not operate like this, so initially it was thought that houses would have to have two dishes installed, one for SkyQ and one for existing Sky and Freesat systems.

However this now seems to not be the case.

But there are no details of what the install entails just the confirmation that it is possible.


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