Feb 162016

Channels from Dutch broadcasters NPO, RTL Nederland and SBS Broadcasting will in the future only be available in HD from the Astra 3 position at 23.5 degrees East.

The channels will no longer be available in SD on the Astra 1 satellites at 19.2 east.

RTL 7 and Net5 will be the first to be removed on March 22, followed by NPO 3 and RTL 5 on May 2. No dates has been set yet for the end of the Astra 1 SD transmissions of NPO 1, NPO 2, RTL 4 and SBS6, but this will happen before the end of 2015.

Four other channels, RTL 8, Veronica, SBS9 and RTL Z are already only available in HD from Astra 3.

At the same time, Canal Digitaal is ending usage of the Mediaguard 2 encryption system, so users may have to have different receivers to continuing their viewing.


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