Mar 022016

Channel 5 HD, Channel 5’s high definition channel, has today moved from the European beam to the UK beam.

The move has been made from a Sky operated transponder, to a transponder controlled by Channel 5.

It joins the rest of the Channel Five group of channels, including 5STAR and Spike

Channel Fives new frequency is :
Astra 2G
Transponder 57.
10964 H
Symbol Rate 22000
FEC 5/6

Sky digibox es automatically update to the new frequencies.

However, the move from the European beam to the UK beam may mean loss of Channel Five HD to some areas of Southern Spain, and Portugal.

It is thought that the move to a UK beam may be in anticipation of Channel 5 HD becoming free to air, and available on Freesat. This is more so as in the last few days Ofcom have granted a license for Channel 5 HD on Freeview.

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