Mar 212016

Sky will be increasing their subscription prices on the 1st June 2016.

As per the T&Cs of your Sky contract the subscription prices can be increased by up to 10% per year.

But they rarely do increase by the full 10%.

And this year, probably to help keep subscribers happy, all subscribers will have access to a new sports channel, Sky Sports Mix.


Sky Bundle Package Price Increases.

Sky Original Bundle
•Going up by: £1-£2.50 (depending on current price paid)
•New monthly price: £22.50 (new customers get £20 deal)

Sky Variety Bundle
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £32

Sky Family Bundle
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £38

Sky Q
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £44

Sky Q Silver
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £56
Premium Packages

Sky Movies
•Going up by: £1
•New monthly price: £18

Sky Sports
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £27.50

Top tier (Sky Sports and Sky Movies)
•Going up by: £1.50
•New monthly price: £36

Sports HD Pack
•Going up by: 75p
•New monthly price: £6

•Going up by: 75p
•New monthly price: £12


Sky Movies subscribers will no longer have to subscribe to the HD pack to watch the Sky Movie channels in HD.




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