Apr 122016

Prices for Netflix will be rising for some users, as the streaming video service ends its legacy pricing for long-term subscribers.

Currently, Netflix offers three package tiers in the UK, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

The first, at £5.99 per month, allows users to log in on only one screen at a time, and only offers standard definition picture quality.

Standard, at £7.49 per month, gets you HD content (up to 1080p), and access on two screens at once.

The Premium bundle bumps up to 4K quality (as long as your internet connection can handle it) and allows up to four screens to be logged in simultaneously.

All packages offer access to the Netflix service on TV, computer, tablet or smartphone, and unlimited selection from its currently streaming catalogue of movies and television shows.

However, anyone who signed up to Netflix when it launched in the UK would have gotten what is now the Standard package – HD and two screens – for £5.99 per month, a price most will still be paying. That will soon be ending though, as Netflix support has confirmed that the £5.99 legacy pricing will be rising to the current £7.49 that a new member would pay – a £1.50 increase.

The rise applies to those who signed up before a previous price rise in May 2014, when users were told they would have their subscriptions frozen for two years, a process designed to keep existing users happy called “grandfathering”. Users who signed up between that point and Netflix’s most recent price rise when the HD package was increased from £6.99 to £7.49, will not see prices increase until next October.


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