Apr 272016

After months of speculation, it appears that the free-to-air launch of Channel 5 HD appears to have moved closer.

However, there is as yet nothing official from the broadcaster.

Currently Channel 5 HD is part of the Sky HD subscription package.

A move from Sky TV paywall, to free to air, means that it will also be available on Freesat HD.

Speculation grew back in March, when Channel 5 HD changed satellite transponder, moving off Sky capacity onto Channel Fives own transponder.

At the same time, behind the scenes playout of the channel was transferred from Sky to Ericsson.

And this week, it has now been noticed that the station has begun transmitting Freesat programme data alongside its still encrypted satellite signal, providing further evidence of behind-the-scenes technical work taking place ahead of an official announcement.


Update : 02 May 2016.

Sky have confirmed on their website that Channel Five HD will become free to air on the 3rd May 2015.

Channel Five will no longer be part of the Sky HD package.

It is likely that as Channel Five HD will be free to air from the 3rd May 2016,that it will also be launching on Freesat HD on the 3rd May 2016.


Update 03 May 2016

Channel Five HD went free to air at approx 1130am.

Channel Five HD to be added to Freesat HD receivers on 105 tomorrow (4th May)


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  1. C5 HD to be added to Freesat HD receivers on 105 tomorrow (4th May)

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