May 082016

A shortage of Android developers among the Kodi team is putting the future of Kodi on Android and the Fire TV in jeopardy.

In a blog post, Nathan Betzen, president of the XBMC Foundation and a project manager on Kodi, put a call out for Android developers, stating “we can’t stress this enough, if we don’t get an Android dev soon, Kodi for Android could very well die out. This is a significant future problem.”

Other than code being contributed back into Kodi by the developers of SPMC and MrMC, there is currently no one working on the Android version of Kodi.

“Kodi on Android is on life support.”

There seems to be an active Android hate among Kodi’s developers right now, linked to the rampant piracy found on the platform.

Piracy add-ons for Kodi, created by 3rd-parties who have no association with Kodi, are most popular on inexpensive Android devices like the Fire TV Stick. This piracy plague has lead to Kodi’s removal from the Amazon Appstore, and is fueling the growing false reputation of Kodi as a direct facilitator of piracy among the ignorant.

It’s understandable for Kodi’s developers to be bitter towards Android, the platform that is most responsible for shining a bad light on their hard work. If the Kodi team doesn’t gain an impartial Android developer soon, the most popular media player on Android and the Fire TV may grow stale due to a lack of support and updates.

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