May 212016

Channel Five HD has been added to the small number of UK TV channels on the Intelsat 907 satellite.

Intelsat 907 satellite is located at 27.5 West.

The UK TV channels on Intelsat 907 as provided by Arqiva, for back up purposed should their links to the Freeview masts in the UK fail.

Contrary to rumours, the UK TV channels on this satellite are nothing to do with the military, or the fact that it is to provide UK TV to Gibraltar. They are simply a back up for Freeview.

These UK TV channels on Intelsat 907 are encrypted (with BISS codes) and are not for public use.

However, in some areas of Europe, and southern Spain that can no longer receive their main UK TV channels via the official Astra 2 satellite without a 4m satellite dish, then this system is being used as a substitute. It requires a satellite receiver that is usually “modified” or “patched” so that the user can “hack” into the encrypted channels.

Should be noted that with the BBC in the middle of a cost saving exercise, including the recent axing of many parts of its website, one commentator has suggested that when this contract is up for up for renewal, it may not be renewed, especailly if the system is hardly every used.

More information : BBC Satback on Intelsat 907 in Spain


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  20 Responses to “C5 HD joins BBC Satback on Intelsat 907 at 27.5 West”

  1. Roomers as it that they be moving to new satellite Intelsat 37e in 2018

    We will have to wait and see ?

  2. If they dont re-new this cheap contract
    What are they going to use for there 90 + transponder back ups ?

    • What 90 + transponder back ups?
      Not all channels on Freeview are backed up with I907… only a select handful of channels.

      Why can they not use Astra 28 as a back up…? That has all the Freeview channel on it…

  3. thats why it is call backup satellite.
    If any there is problems on Astra 28 .

    It is a a backup of Freeview multiplexes PSB 1 and PSB 3

    • You would have thought that if there were problems with the channels on one of the Astra 28 satellites, then it would be simpler to move them to one of the other two satellites at 28 east… which would also be good for Freesat viewers, and not just Freeview viewers.

  4. Intelsat IS-907

    Expected lifetime

    15 years

    Launch date


    This will take it up to 2018

    Possibility 37e might take over then.

    We will have to wait and see

    • Satbeams (and a few other sites) has Expected lifetime: 13 yrs.

      • it depends in how much fuel they use when they launched the satellite
        Back in 2003

        • Even new satellites have a little wiggle in their orbits a little bit.They need some fuel to keep themselves in a known/fixed box so that fixed antennas can keep generally peaked up.Satellites are launched with a fixed fuel supply.If replacement satellite gets delayed, satellites may save fuel by increasing the size of the box and allowing signals to fade more

  5. Can anybody tell why I get channel 5 but no sound on intelsat any advice would be appreciated

    • You need the correct APID – you may have to enter this manually via your receivers channel editor.
      Channel 5 HD is on… 6401 mpeg4 6402 aac 6405
      pcr 6405
      pmt 6400

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  7. Hi – I have an Icecrypt 1600CHD receiving Intelsat 907 and, like Alan Lovell, I can get Five HD but no sound – the info panel for this channel tells me that the Audio PID is 6403 (AAC) & PCR PID is 8191 – but I can’t find any way on the Icecrypt of editing these settings – it doesn’t seem to have a channel editor (unless its hidden?) – do you have any advice as to how I might be able to adjust these settings in order to get sound for Five HD? many thanks for your time and attention

    • there is a channel editor…. but not on the machine.
      you have to download it onto a PC, and edit the channels on that, before uploading the channel list file to the receiver.

      a quick google search brought up a whole whole of file at

  8. Thank you – I figured if anybody knew if there was a channel editor hidden away in there, it would be you – thanks for confirming that there isn’t one.

    I’ve edited the list with an external channel editor (AliEditor) but with no success – but then (most of) the info in the unedited channel list differs from that listed at (e.g. the SID for Five HD stated in my list is 17792; the SID stated on the above named website is 17728)

    This seems to be a bigger problem than I hoped it would be – and probably inappropriate for discussion in this comments section.


  9. I have a GI Sunbird box and I have the intel sat system, however I am unable to find Channel 5 HD?

    Do I need to update the box?

    Download a new program?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    • You may have to manually add the data in yourself… or find a file on the internet for your box to upload the details

  10. unable to connect on FTP upgrade is there anywhere to download new code for ch5 etc on internet

  11. I am not a rocket scientist, but learnt a little when chatting with British Aerospace engineers I used to work alongside, the comments about re positioning of satellites using fuel is strange? I was given to understand that maneuvering of the satellites was by the use of (space wheels) these are electric motors mounted on the ends of the solar array panels which when spun via onboard computers and gyros would spin to propel the satellite using inertia to maintain its geo stationary orbit, the satellites life therefore relying more on the battery back up when shaded from the solar power, any fuel requirement being for propelling the satellite into graveyard orbit.

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