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Filmon blocks Euro 2016 coverage — 6 Comments

  1. Bloody disgrace. World cup & euro games are mean’t to be free view. No wonder people are looking for other alternatives to sky etc…

    • Eh?
      In the UK the games are free to air…and will be as they are part of the “sporting crown jewels”.
      They are not “free to view”.
      They are on BBC and ITV….
      And if in the UK then you can watch them on these two broadcasters direct, as they own the broadcast rights. Filmon does not own the rights from FIFA and UEFA to re-transmit those games, and so those football bodies are perfectly in their right to request the block.

      As they are on BBC and ITV, they are nothing to do with Sky or any Sky package…so no need to look for any “other alternatives to sky”.

      As for other countries, it all depends on how the packages were sold. In many EU countries many games, including “national team games”, ARE “free to air”. But in some the packages are split between free and pay. Thats how competition and market forces are…

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