TV Licence and BBC iPlayer loophole to be closed in September. — 1 Comment

  1. How will they police this? With great difficulty is the answer. At the moment a TV licence is needed to watch “live” content on the BBC iPlayer, but there’s no need to input any licence details. The user is simply invited to tick a box confirming that they have a valid TV licence. I would expect the BBC to retain this “honesty box” system for the sake of simplicity. It is also true to say that a lot of people are covered by a TV licence, but do not know the licence number (e.g. children in licensed households, people viewing in someone else’s licensed property).
    As for the idea that the BBC is losing millions in revenue to people exploiting the so-called iPlayer loophole, that is incorrect. Only 1 or 2% of unlicensed people are using the BBC iPlayer for catch-up services only.

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