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Sky NOW TV prepares to launch in Spain — 7 Comments

  1. I was in Spain middle of October.
    Bought sky NOW Tv for my house in Spain. I paid the £10 for sky and ordered the boxes. OVER THE PHONE THE PROBLEM IS. I cannot find my sky account for my now Tv box
    Could I please have a number to call to speak to someone about this?
    Elizabeth Verden- Anderson

    • The simpliest solution would be to create a new account for that NOW TV box.
      But obviously, as you will be suing it in Spain, you need some things, like a SMart DNS service, to mask the Spanish IP address, otherwise content will be blocked.

    • ok.
      it would be best if you communicated via email, or via the contact forms, or call me on the phone numbers rather than on a post where everybody can see your discussions.
      It would also help if you could supply me with more details what exactly you want and where you are, as you do not really give me much to work on with “interested in getting sky tv”

  2. we are moving to spain in May. I can see that the majority of the available programs are american but are they broadcast in english or are they dubbed in spanish. If they are dubbed I wont bother getting the box


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