Aug 152016

The day before the start of a huge Premier League season Sky Sports has unveiled a further 23 live games, with Liverpool v Manchester United set for the Monday Night Football treatment for the first time.

As part of Sky Sports’ biggest ever Premier League season, viewers will see every team and every stadium before the end of November as the dramatic story unfolds at both ends of the table.

Sky Sports live Premier League Fixtures:

Hull City v Leicester City, Sat 13 Aug, 12.30pm
Bournemouth v Manchester United, Sun 14 Aug, 1.30pm
Arsenal v Liverpool, Sun 14 Aug, 4.00pm
Chelsea v West Ham United, Mon 15 Aug, 8.00pm
Manchester United v Southampton, Fri 19 Aug, 8.00pm
Stoke City v Manchester City, Sat 20 Aug, 12.30pm
Sunderland v Middlesbrough, Sun 21 Aug, 1.30pm
West Ham United v Bournemouth, Sun 21 Aug, 4.00pm
Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool, Sat 27 Aug, 12.30pm
West Bromwich Albion v Middlesbrough, Sun 28 Aug, 1.30pm
Manchester City v West Ham United, Sun 28 Aug, 4.00pm

Manchester United v Manchester City, Sat 10 Sept, 12.30pm
Swansea City v Chelsea, Sun 11 Sept, 4.00pm
Sunderland v Everton, Mon 12 Sept, 8.00pm
Chelsea v Liverpool, Fri 16 Sept, 8.00pm
Crystal Palace v Stoke City, Sun 18 Sept, 2.15pm
Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland, Sun 18 Sept, 4.30pm
Manchester United v Leicester City, Sat 24 Sept, 12.30pm
West Ham United v Southampton, Sun 25 Sept, 4.00pm
Burnley v Watford, Mon 26 Sept, 8.00pm
Everton v Crystal Palace, Fri 30 Sept, 8.00pm

Swansea City v Liverpool, Sat 1 Oct, 12.30pm
Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City, Sun 2 Oct2.15pm
Burnley v Arsenal, Sun 2 Oct, 4.30pm
Middlesbrough v Watford, Sat 15 Oct, 12.30pm*
Chelsea v Leicester City, Sun 16 Oct, 1.30pm*
Southampton v Burnley, Sun 16 Oct, 4pm
Liverpool v Manchester United, Mon 17 Oct, 8.00pm
Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur, Sat 22 Oct, 12.30pm
Manchester City v Southampton, Sun 23 Oct, 1.30pm
Chelsea v Manchester United, Sun 23 Oct, 4pm
Sunderland v Arsenal, Sat 29 Oct, 12.30pm
Everton v West Ham United, Sun 30 Oct, 1.30pm
Southampton v Chelsea, Sun 30 Oct, 4pm
Stoke City v Swansea City, Mon 31 Oct, 8.00pm

Liverpool v Watford, Sun 6 Nov, 2.15pm
Leicester City v West Bromwich Albion, Sun 6 Nov, 4.30pm
Manchester United v Arsenal, Sat 19 Nov, 12.30pm
Middlesbrough v Chelsea, Sun 20 Nov, 4pm
West Bromwich Albion v Burnley, Mon 21 Nov, 8.00pm
Watford v Stoke City, Sun 27 Nov, 12noon**
Arsenal v Bournemouth, Sun 27 Nov, 2.15pm
Southampton v Everton, Sun 27 Nov, 4.30pm

*Subject to UEFA Champions League fixtures, Chelsea v Leicester City could move to Saturday 15 October 12.30pm and swap with Middlesbrough v Watford which would revert to Sunday 16 October 1.30pm

**Subject to UEFA Europa League fixtures, Watford v Stoke City could move to Saturday 26 November 12.30pm


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