Aug 162016

Sky Sports Mix channel numbers

Sky sports mix is a new channels on offer to non Sky Sports subscribers.

It will offer a selection of live sports as a “taster” for non Sky Sports subscribers.

Sky Sports mix will launch on the 24th August ( more information here )

Sky Sports Mix will be available on Sky channel 407, available in either HD or SD, depending on subscription type.

To make room for the Sky Sports Mix channel, Sky Sports F1 moves to channel 408.

Other Sky Sports channel number furth down the channel list will also be affected as Sky HD users will see the standard definition versions of the other Sky Sports channels shuffle down the EPG: Sky Sports 1 SD from 408 to 409, Sky Sports 2 SD from 409 to 435, Sky Sports 3 SD from 435 to 436, Sky Sports 4 SD from 436 to 439, Sky Sports 5 from 439 to 440.


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  3 Responses to “Sky Sports Mix channel numbers”

  1. thanks for this but how can you check the schedule and do you know more about the sports programmes they will show. Thank you.

    • When the channel is launched, then the listings will appear on the Sky Guide channel list like it does for every other channel.

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