Sep 012016

Makes of popular satellite receivers being used in Spain are the Vu, Vu Duo+, Openbox, Skybox, GI and Iberosat.

Why are they popular? Well because they are used to card share, offer cheap access to pay TV channels from the likes of Sky UK.

Obviously these systems are highly illegally a fact which many “installers” of these system in Spain fail to tell their clients when installing them.

However a recent development means that users of these satellite receivers may soon lose all their Sky pay channels!! Again, something which installers in Spain are not mentioning to their clients.

At the moment there are NO Sky HD channels available on these types of systems. This is due to the encryption Sky uses on its Sky HD digiboxes.

The only reason why these cardsharing boxes are getting channels is that the providers are using viewing card allocated to non HD digiboxes.

However, as outlined in the company’s latest annual report, Sky have announced that it is planning to reduce and eliminate the number of standard definition only set top boxes in operations.

According to one source “There is a shift to remove SD boxes over the next 12 month from July 2016”.

The move will mean Sky TV customers using older Standard Definition digiboxes will be moved to the newer HD digiboxes. By doing this Sky will make their Pay channels more secure.

And in doing so is anticipated to remove their channels from such cardsharing systems.

Just like Sky Italia have done in Italy.

So if a satellite “installer” in Spain offers you Sky Pay TV channels via satellite at a much cheaper rate than an official Sky satellite subscription, then you can be assured that is is a cardsharing system using a Vu or Openbox. And that the Pay TV channels that you are receiving via these system, look set for a very short future if Skys new “purge” is to be as successful and secure as their counterparts in Italy.

But then we head all this before a few years ago, the loss of all Sky pay channels on cardshare systems. Nothing happened. And then the HD channels started to be removed from cardshare systems.

So if and when something does happen, perhaps we can expect that Sky Sports and Sky Movie clients, the Premium customers, are the first to be moved from SD digiboxes to HD digiboxes.


  8 Responses to “Cardsharing Sky UK ending soon…?”

  1. Very interesting
    But i think they have more problems with iptv than cccam as already proven in Italy ?

    • I know of one or two iptv providers that use cardsharing for their service!! And one iptv service that you subscribe to uses filmbloodyon for its bbc itv c4 and five channels!!! cheeky !!!

  2. Ha Ha
    Yes its going to be very interesting to see what happens in the next 12 months.

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  4. Its illegall to have any uk sky in spain isnt it?ive been installing open boxes and kodi boxes in uk for years no problem.

    • No. It is not illegal to use a viewing card from one EU country in a domestic residence in another EU country. It may be against the T&Cs of your contract, but it is not illegal (according to the EU laws).
      Lots in the press about people selling fully loaded kodi boxes being arrested in the UK… so so far you have been lucky…

    • I for one would never ever buy a “fully” loaded box from anyone regardless of what BS they give, Live TV channels on Kodi are notoriously unreliable and in most cases only last a few hours before they have have to be updated, Alot of the addons that used to offer free live TV have now been left unmaintained so 99% of the channels no longer work, Example Castaway/Ccloud/Sportsdevil are all cr@p and offer NOTHING, Metalkettle [LiveTV] are on and off more than Katie Prices panties and last time i checked everything was off, UKTURK dosnt even bother to test his streams before he adds them and if he did he would know that the vast majority of his streams he has found either do not work/Are from a very slow server so buffer very badly/Only last for a few seconds or the funniest ive seen of his streams are channels that play the same 5 minute clip every single time you select it, Then you have apps such as Mobdro these do seem to work alot better but again very unreliable and low quality video, UKTVNOW [run by Metalkettle] is worse with streams constantly going offline… Sky UK need not worry about Kodi with 3rd party addons as Live TV on Kodi is just awful,

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