Sep 042016

Do you want to see every Google search you ever made?

Did you think that “Delete Browser History” actually did that?

Well if you are signed into Google, and use their search option, then they record every single search you have ever made…!

Not just the recent searches that pop up on your current machine either. We’re talking every search you’ve made on every device.


And this is set as a default setting on your Google Account!

If you are curious to see what your Google history looks like, make sure you are logged into your google account, and go to

Not only can you see everything you’ve ever searched for on Google, you can break down your internet hunting history by medium, with image searches, Chrome activity and even Maps exploration.

You can stop Google recording your search history.

In the search history, clicking the “details” control under any past search will see a pop-up window appear with all manner of data on that individual search.

Among this is the “Activity Controls” option.


Clicking this will let you tweak what Google tracks. Importantly, clicking the topmost slider, marked “Web & App Activity”, will allow you to turn off this feature.


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