Sep 202016

Trader in UK first to be prosecuted for selling Fully Loaded Android Kodi boxes.

A trader selling boxes which allow viewers to watch copyright material for free is set to be the first in the UK to face prosecution.

The trader, from Middlesborough, has been told Middlesbrough Council is taking him to court following an 18-month investigation in what could prove a landmark case.

The kit – also known as a ‘Kodi box’ – allows viewers to watch programming like Premier League football and Hollywood movies for free.

As such there are major question marks over both their legality, and exactly just what people can safely watch.

Selling the Android Kodi box itself isn’t illegal and is effectively just a big USB stick.

It’s when the box is ‘loaded’ with apps and add-ons to access copyright-protected material like football when issues arise.

According to court papers, it is claimed that the trader was selling the boxes ‘pre-loaded’ – with those apps already installed – when council officials raided him last March.

He will now appear at Teesside Magistrates’ Court on September 27 to face three charges stemming from that raid in which Brian claimed several thousand pounds worth of kit was seized.




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  1. Hes not been prosecuted yet has he?

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