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Sky starting to replace older Digiboxes boxes — 9 Comments

    • Not too sure how ending cardsharing will remove the requirement for “big dishes”… as most of the channels that need “big dishes” are free and are nothing to do with cardsharing!

  1. They sent these letter out 2013

    Owners of the Thompson Sky+HD box can receive a free upgrade to a new Sky+HD box under sky’s Better Box Scheme so that they can benefit from sky’s newest service such as: increased storage space, Sky 3D, On demand & Catchup, Sky Store and Undelete. Sky also state that “you may not be able to view HD channels through your Sky box” if you don’t upgrade. And that this offer is for for “selected Thomson Sky+HD customers in receipt of an offer email/letter from Sky”.

    • Yes. Thompson Sky+HD boxes were poor, and failed a lot. And was probably one of the reasons why Sky started to brand / produce their own boxes, and buying Amstrad Set Top box division. As the Thompson boxes were poor and failing left right and centre, Sky stopped supporting them and offered all customers with these boxes new boxes. But now it appears as if they are now starting to get all their customers that are still on SD boxes moved to HD boxes…more secure, especially when Premium channels are hard paired to the cards and boxes, and so can help to eliminate cardsharing of those premium channels.

    • “in the future” yes… how long into the future who knows.
      With HD and UHD coming more popular, satellite is still the preferred and most cost effective way to reach millions of people.
      OF course IPTV direct from the broadcasters would be ideal, rather than it is currently via third parties…

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