Nov 262016

Rojadirecta ordered by courts to stop offering pirated football streams

For years popular sports streaming site Rojadirecta has been operating from Spain without trouble, but last year the tide started to change. This week the site faced a new setback when a Spanish court ordered the streaming site to stop offering links to football matches. In addition, Rojadirecta is the subject of a criminal investigation.

The website is operated by the Spanish company Puerto 80, which previously won two lawsuits in Spain, declaring the site as operating legally under local law.

Even the U.S. Government couldn’t bring the site down. In 2011 the Department of Homeland Security seized the site’s domain name, but facing a legal battle the authorities chose to hand it back to the rightful owners.

Now, several years later, the tide has turned. Last year, the site received its first setback in court when it was ordered to stop linking to certain football streams in Spain.

This week the site faced another major setback. Following a complaint from Mediapro and GolT, the Commercial Court of A Coruña ruled that Rojadirecta must cease linking to unauthorized streams of football events to which these two companies hold the rights.

“I declare that the defendants have violated related intellectual property rights belonging to the plaintiff,” the court declared.

The decision applies to both live and delayed streams of football matches and the current domain name as well as any other websites it is, or will become, involved in.

“I order the defendants to cease immediately in the provision of links or Internet links, of any kind, giving access to live or slightly deferred viewing of football matches produced or issued by any of the applicants, whether in the current season or in future seasons,” the court ruled.


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