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Spain Announces New Campaign to Fight Internet Piracy

Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has announced a new initiative for tackling piracy, especially online. Minister Íñigo Méndez de Vigo said a special prosecutor’s office will be developed alongside enhanced technological and human resources. An educational campaign targeting children is also on the agenda.

As residents know already and visitors soon learn, the tackling of piracy and counterfeiting isn’t a high priority in Spain, with the sixth most populated country in Europe often has other things on its mind.

This week, however, the government said it would re-focus attention on piracy and a number of related issues, including reform of compensation for private copying and tax breaks for live entertainment.

“It’s an old project with the Ministry of Justice and a clear signal that we’re serious,” he said, adding that the government will boost its human resources and technological means to tackle the problem at hand.

Turning to Internet piracy in particular, the Minister said that between 2012 and 2016 there had been 491 requests to remove illegal content from websites, almost all of which had been resolved. He reported that just over 50 sites had ceased their activities and 200 more had removed illegal content to move into compliance.

“[We will] raise awareness among schoolchildren to respect property, protect creators and expand cultural heritage,” the Minister said.

“We have to achieve a great sensibility, mainly in the schools, so that the children understand that when they are illegally downloading a song they are stealing. It is an issue of education and awareness in which we will take advantage of the fact that Education and Culture are under the same jurisdiction.”

Also on the agenda is “urgent” reform of unpopular private copying rules and a promise to “respond in a balanced manner to the needs of consumers and the different sectors involved.”

If economic conditions allow, the government also wants to reduce VAT on live entertainment from the current 21% to just 10%.

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