Jan 022017

Middle East Broadcaster MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center) will shortly be moving its channels from the Badr 4 satellite to the newer Badr 5 and 7 satellites. Badr 5 and 7 are, like Badr 4, located at 26 ° E.

Popular channels like MBC2, MBC4, MBC Action , and MBC Max, that show many programmes and movies in English, will therefore be changing frequencies.

One of the reasons for this is that on Badr 4 the channels can be received across a large portion of mainland Europe, yet on Badr 5 and Badr 7, the signals have less coverage of those areas. Badr 5 and Badr 7 transmit to the area known as MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

The move to new frequencies will occur on the 24th January 2017.

For viewers in the Gulf region you will need to use the frequency of satellite Badr 7, in the area of West Africa have viewers tune the signal from the Badr 5.

For the Persian Gulf (Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya/East/, Kuwait, Turkey, Bahrain) the MBC frequency will be :

Satellite: Badr 7 (26 ° E)
Ffrequency: 11.270 GHz
Polarization: vertical
SR: 27500
FEC: 5/6
Standard: DVB-S
Modulation: QPSK

For West Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia//the West, Mauritania) the MBC frequency will be :

Satellite: Badr 5 (26 ° E)
Frequency: 12.284 GHz
Polarization: vertical
SR: 27500
FEC: 5/6
Standard: DVB-S
Modulation: QPSK


  58 Responses to “MBC Channels on Arabsat Badr at 26 east changing frequencies”

  1. so we will not be able to receive these channels in Europe anymore?

    • You will still be able to receive them in Europe… just depends where in Europe you are and what size dish you have.

      • Hi I live in the Netherlands and my dish is a bit bigger than one meter. Actually I do not really care about the English channels. Channels like MBC1, MBC Bollywood, Baraem, MBC 3 (and another channel for children, I think it is called either Jeem or Ayjal). 🙂

        • To be honest, I have no idea, as reception in the Netherlands will be much different to reception in Spain where I am based.
          Best to input their new frequency and see…

      • Hi, thanks for your reply. I live in the Netherlands and my dish is a bit bigger than one meter.
        I am actually more interested in MBC 1, the children’s channels and MBC Bollywoord 🙂

  2. I live in the Netherlands and my dish is a bit larger than 1 meter.

  3. I live england and my satlite is big will i be able to get the new frequnecy ?

    • I have no idea, as it depends what you mean by “big” (“big” where i am is 1.8m and 2.4m!) , and where in england you are.
      Simply try the new frequencies from the post….and if you do not get them then your dish is too small for where you live to receive them…

    • are you an installer brother?

  4. I live in London and they have disappeared. I have 1.1m dish but have not been able to get the channels on the new frequency.
    Checking Badr 5 & 7 footprint shows that none of them cover UK
    Does this mean that this is it? no longer MBC in London?
    what a shame

    • If you are unable to get them on their new frequencies it means your dish is too small to receive them where you live.

  5. Can you give me the frequency number of spain please

    • The new frequencies are on the main post above.
      There is not a specific “frequency for spain”…as you are simply getting the signal overspill from the other countries.

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  7. I am not very good with anything technical. How do you change the frequency for MBC Max. I live in Turkey.

    • Depends which satellite receiver you are using, but you usually have an installation menu where you can scan for channels on their new frequencies

  8. What about east africa ? Would love your feedback

  9. hi, do we have to change the dish angle ? i used to get it on nilesat . I am confused with the 26 and 8 degree !

  10. hi i live in ireland and i own a very big satellite dish and i am looking for mbc channels which i recently lost. what is your suggestion for getting them back…. move the dish slightly or anything like that?

    Thank you!

    • Define “very big dish”…2m, 3m, 4m..?
      A very slight adjustment may be needed, but you simply need to scan for them on their new frequencies…if you cannot get them, your dish is too small

  11. Could some one please help with which new frequency to use in Cyprus,on an immovable sat dish? According to the MBC a dish already set, can just get the new frequency.Is this correct?
    Thanks if someone can help.

    • Would have thought to try the frequency that is losest to where you are would be the one to use… ie 11270, instead of the one for west africa which is further away.

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  13. Hi , i live in oman , can anyone help me because I don’t know how to put the new frequency.

    • Go into the menu system and under installation, sometimes you can add new frequencies there.
      How exactly you do this, then it is a tad tricky not knowing what make and model of receiver you are using..

  14. Hi, i need help please am from saudi arabia
    But when i try to put the new freq it shows tp already exist

    • If it already exists, then simply rescan it. If it picks up the channels good, if not then that frequency is not available where you are.

  15. Ok so I live in Sheffield and wondering if badr has mbc or what dose have mbc ? Please reply to me as soon as u can

    • 26 east does have the MBCs, on the frequencies in the main post.
      Whether or not you can receive them in Sheffield is another matter altogether

    • Hi I have this new wizzbox which has MBC channels like MBC 1,2,3,4 drama , action MBC masr and MBC masr 2 and I had this box for a year now and it’s perfect .customer service is outstanding. I would recommend it.

  16. Hi I live in West Africa and I have an old receiver that doesn’t transmit HD channels so my question is can I still be able to watch MBC channels on SD?

  17. hi please can I be able to watch MBC on 60cm dish in West African Nigeria please

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  19. Hi can i see zee tv and star tv package living in pakistan ?

    • Not from the UK TV satellites, and I dont think the 26 satellite reach you area either… you will have to look for them on a package that covers your area

  20. Hmmm! That is a good information

  21. What about Lebanon? I don’t have Badr 7 in my satellite list 🙁

    • If you dont have Badr7 in your satellite list, then either add it to your satellite list, or just use the satellites that are in your list that are located at 25.5 or 26 east…

  22. Hi there,
    Its Noor from Afghanistan Kandahar. I have a satellite receiver towards Nileset I had MBCs channels on it but now its not working how can I find it back please any one can do me a favor ???

  23. Hi there,
    I am from Ghazni,Afghanistan, I used to watch mbc channels in yashsat and neilsat but now they don’t work I wal wondering if you could help me.

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  25. Oh gosh! That’s too bad it means I don’t have any choice, I wish they come on yahsat as soon as possible.

  26. Hi, I’m in South West Cyprus and MBC2 free to air just vanished alongwith Scare TV, Hollywood Horror and C1 Action. Has anyone else lost theirs? (25-12-18). Thanks

    • MBC 2…try look for it on 11270 V…
      For other channels try a rescan, and if they have changed frequencies, then it should find them – but i can not find Hollywood Horror on 26 east any more, only 7 west

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