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Sky customers could lose Discovery/Eurosport/Animal Planet/TLC from next week — 7 Comments

  1. If this happens then i think we will start to see big dishes disappearing.

    Nether mind they can always invite there freinds round and use them to make a big paella

    • Why would the loss of 12 channels from the Sky package mean less “Big dishes”? You will still need “big dishes” for channels like BBC ITV etc…

    • Any IPTV service that uses Sky UK, (and potentially Sky Germany), as their source will lose these channels if they are removed from the Sky satellite service.
      But other sources for these channels are available, just hope that it does not come to that.

  2. Sky says No to £1billion Discovery carriage price

    Most of sky pay customers in spain/ portugal pay for the basic package .
    Around £40 £50
    Some lucky ones £10 ?

    If sky take the Discovery package of
    I can not see meny of them still willing to pay £40 £50 ????

    There are better options.
    They could get telephone internet
    And iptv
    And all the channels they can watch

    And get rid of there big dishes

    • Skys basic package, the Original Bundle, is 20GPB.
      Skys Variety Bundle, which includes the Discovery and Eurosport channels is 32 GPB.
      Normally you can get this discounted…have seen a 75% off for 12 months!
      No idea where you get the 40 or 50 gbp per month from…
      And as these channels are on the “european beam”, they can be received on small dishes anyway….

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