Mar 082017

BritBox TV : BBC and ITV let viewers abroad stream their shows using ‘BritBox’

BBC and ITV have launched a Netflix-style app that lets US viewers watch their shows.

BritBox allows viewers in the USA to watch British TV using the new video-on-demand service. BritBox TV could roll out to other countries in future.

The new BritBox TV service is available online, via Android tablets and smartphones, Apple TV, iPhone and soon on Rokus and Chromecasts in the USA.

BritBox provides users with access to new and archive British TV programming, including soaps within 24 hours of broadcast.

Britbox offers users access to British TV content in ways that traditional linear TV offerings have failed to offer in the USA. Although a small number of British TV shows do make it onto regular TV channels, programmes may be scattered around the 100s of channels available in the States. Low viewing figures forced BBC America to give up screening EastEnders and the lack of access to this and other British TV programmes has in recent years encouraged the use of unofficial streaming services containing unauthorised streams of UK TV channels.

The ad-free subscription service starts at $6.99 (£5.75) per month.
This is cheaper than Netflix Inc’s and Hulu’s monthly offerings, which both start at $7.99 (£6.57).

BBC Worldwide and ITV share an equal majority stake in BritBox.


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  3 Responses to “BritBox TV : BBC and ITV let viewers abroad stream their shows using ‘BritBox’”

  1. Looked in App store but couldn’t see anything with this name?

    • Are you in the USA? Your IP address says you are in the UK, and as this service is for the US, then it will not be in the UK app store, but will be in the US app store

      And if you are in the UK, you simply go go bbc iplayer or itv hub and get it for free via those apps instead!

  2. […] available on-demand in other countries. In the USA, the BBC has teamed up with ITV to launch BritBox, through which it now provides on-demand content to subscribers in the United States. There are […]

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