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Is Sky UK Cardsharing coming to an end – some channels now unavailable! — 209 Comments

  1. This could be interesting reading ?????

    The problem exists within the CW (Control Word)….The actual encryption data itself

    In laymans terms the encryption has not changed in the same way it did for HD or for the same way it did with Sky Italia, the encryption is compatible with existing Sky cards, including the old white 09’s which is where local cards and shared cache’s get the required data to make card sharing possible, so that also makes the talk of changing over Thompson Receivers to Sky +HD nonsense also, its completely irrelevant.

    What they have done is quite clever apparently but it will 100% be worked out, the changes that will be required to be made will all be within the “oscam.config” which is basically the standard configuration file that servers use to run and make this all possible, so server owners will be getting access to an updated config file once completed and the missing channels will be back.

    This is as close to the horses mouth as you will get and I have been told categorically that this is absolutely NOT the end of cardsharing as we know it and when the config is complete and uploaded things will continue as they were once servers have been updated to the new config.

    There is a but though and that is the reasoning behind what has happened the last few days, the general feeling is that Sky were testing a few channels to see what the result was, that unfortunately is not true, Sky and anybody with a certain level of understanding of encryptions would know that no test is required, the results of the changes that were made are set in stone and known before they were put in place therefore there is no test required or needed.

    That is where the but comes in because what has happened is fixable with a configuration change, Sky and the programming engineers working with Sky know that just as much as the guys who deal with oscam, they know its fixable and can be worked around, so the actual reason behind it is a mystery.
    Its not just to disrupt or to annoy, that much is clear, but the real reason is unclear at the moment as the changes they have made don’t really relate to anything they can build on long term as once worked around that’s it, it cant be implemented into a different part of the whole procedure so its not clear why they did it or what the overall goal of it was but its obviously something much bigger and more complex, whether its something that could happen next week or next year nobody knows, but its clear that some serious thought and investment has been put in to this and its one of the biggest changes or moves that Sky have made to in a long time, so the general feeling from someone directly involved is that something much bigger is on the way, but as above the timescale is not known.
    Sky have obviously always taken it seriously and attempted to stop it but it looks as though they have upped the effort on it and are seriously taking steps to put an end to it long term, or at least until the technology to work around it comes to light.

    I know some people reading this will no doubt rubbish everything that I have put down here because I’m not directly involved with oscam or servers, but what I’ve put down will be available through streamboard forum in due course and a lot of it already is there to read up on, so please take the time to research a little into the technical facts of what is going on and with what I’ve tried to explain here and hopefully I’ve helped put some minds at ease a little.

  2. Sky sports news gone today and more will follow I think it’s all coming to a end Best look for a good iptv server

    • Sky Sports News (Ireland) was on another frequency, which is why it was still available.
      But today it moved to the “blocked” frequency.
      So no more Sky Sports News on cardshare systems….

  3. Taken from another forum
    Update Patch has been complied and integrated into oscam which ran and found missing channels on card but did not clear so the reader-videoguard2.c file need re coding next – a very big task………….. we have 3 oscam coders and other working on this so a fix it is still being developed.

  4. I’ve noticed that Sky Atlantic +1 remains unaffected, so for fans of the channel who are prepared to wait an hour….

  5. This is what i think is going on,
    The channels lost on this transponder, are all available in HD,i think this is a forced up-grade to get rid of the SD Boxes, then other transponders will follow. They have possible used lesser impact channels to start the ball rolling and stop alot of phone calls, .

  6. Update 15/4/17
    Just a quick update one of the developer forums:
    A couple of new coders have recently joined the debate over there and there is now a little group attacking this from a few different angles. The development and testing is a slow process but they are sticking with it at present to try and find the fix we all need.
    They have made some progress so far but because the options of where the problem lies are so vast it may be a long drawn out quest to possibly resolve the issues. So not really that much change but at least we know they are still working on it

    • A version of SSNews has been available on that frequency for several months now.
      But they did move it from that frequency for a few days a few weeks ago…

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  9. Hi does anyone think this will get fixed as i am not too confident and don’t know what to tell others. Many thanks

  10. Hi. If you do have contact with someone in the know at 00:37 Ireland 26.4.17. Sky Atlantic +1 came on for about 10 seconds but went off again. I forgot the tv was on as it was a black screen for about 20 mins prior If that helps to identify something.

    • if you use the zgemma for satellite cardshare for sky uk then you will have lost these channels. no idea about virgin

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  12. hello
    all the sky sports channels are gone,i don’t know if it is the box i am using or the change in sky encryption.
    i am thinking of trying the VU+ solo boxes as i have been using the dreambox and they have never been any issue.
    if you are out therebusing the VU + Solo box please can you let me know if you still have the sky sports channels.

  13. I’ve lost some sky channels such as sky 1, moves and sky sports. I still have bt sports, music channels, discovery channels

  14. So is all lost now. Back to paying sky ridiculous amount of money for repeated programs and now amd again decent game of footy??! 🙁 shame this.

    • To be fair it was the guys selling the pre-loaded boxes. Premier League took Sly to court to force them to do something to stop the streaming of live games. Navi-X have issued a statement that week saying they will no longer be providing support for Kodi as the heat was getting way too hot for them.

  15. I’m confused as with anything it’s in the public’s hands yet for some reason people won’t send there sky back if the country just got together and postponed it all till sky dropped there prices . It’s like Football season tickets my mates just complain but still go out and pay just stop paying till the club’s start to realise fans won’t put up with it and the price will drop as with anything .
    Just wish I had a voice and could get the message through sort this rip off country out

  16. Not rumor as ran a test line from a new configured oscam server and all channels are back and even a chance they going to get the hd back

  17. The HD doesn’t bother me. Long as they get the channels back. Any ideas when a channel update will be available?

    • Well, tomorrow is Tuesday, and channels seem to have been going off on Tuesday, so the news is expect more to go!

  18. Where us the best place to purchase a motorised satellite. They don’t appear to be the easier things to put up either . Can’t believe the boffins haven’t crack this yet.

    • Motorised dish is ok to put up Mark, plenty of guides out there to help, first port of call really is to check if you have a south facing wall (or near to) for installation with a clear line of site. Go to dishpointer.com and put in your post code and select the 8 west sat, you will have to zoom in to your property on the map to place the tag on. The dish needs room to rotate so if the green line is going south on your selected point on your property then no problem.

  19. Hearing that the coders who crack this will be rewarded by some dude with £500,000 , and coders are working on it but there is so much to go through it could take a while, im testing an iptv sub on my vu solo 2 atm and its pretty good tbh, doubt we’ll get hd back on cs servers but the sd will be back as sky sre only fucking about with code, what worries me is that they prob have a plan in place to change other parts of the code to annoy the coders into giving up trying to crack it.

  20. HI , I have been watching the Scandy channels for sports and movies . Most of the movies are in English , Some of the sports program’sF1. Golf ,repeat premiership games etc. are also in English , But live transmissions of premiership games are in native tongue, In view of what’s happening could they be encouraged ,probably through increased advertising revenues to have English commentary , I know it’s thinking outside the ( Box ) excuse the pun ,but perhaps it could solve a few problems even if it’s only short term JB

  21. Hi i was thinking of getting in iptv ive e fibre broadband with top speed connection i was just wundering are the i 55 zgemma and mag 254 iptv boxes as its streaming and not like card sharing can anyone tell me does this freeze lots of times or is it like the card sharing please help i want to know if its worth it but not if it freezes all the time

    • Freezing can be down to many things, not just your “top speed connection”…such as server loads, isp routing…

  22. Ok thanks pal im with sky at the moment its a 14 day cooling off period so im in two minds to go with iptv service or stick with sky

  23. I decided to give a 3 month trial to IPTV. It does give you all the hd channels bac plus many countries, which mostly broadcast the films in English with foreign subs, but over nighttime i have noticed sometimes they are not monitoring the channels and some do go a bit glitchy at times. You need a good 5mb minimum internet to stream HD. Also you have to understand how IPTV works and how to configure the setup in Android boxes etc. Overall the service is good and as a replacement to what we all know as card sharing is one way to get to see the channels we all lost. The cost over the year can range from £100 plus for the service depending on who you go with . Do your homework first and get a good supplier if you go down this route.

  24. I have gone for a MAG 254 simply to use, and have tested used a 7 day trial IPTV service, no glitching, running on Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Now need to decide on best priced IPTV Service provider for 6/12mths, any suggestions appreciated.

  25. its all over guys they did the same with the hd channels nothing last forever not when u have these big servers making a lot of money it was bound to happen

  26. I found an alternative!!!!!!! which should help for a while.

    Just thought I’d let you know that I downloaded mobdro onto my android device – it has most sky movie and sports channels & its free. It will do for a while and with all cast I can put it on my tv using a chrome cast.

  27. Card sharing back, hack in test mode as we speak. Had channels to return also. More stable than iptv and less downtime. It will be back soon.

  28. Found an alternative, for a while anyway – I downloaded mobdro on my android phone – gives me access to sky movies/sports etc.

      • Unless you are using a sky viewing card, then you will have lost Sky Sports and Sky Movie channel from your card share service. If you say you have these on yoru card share service, then you are the only one…as everyone else has lost them!!

  29. Keep trying guys there are many tens of thousands of potential customers out there ready to reward your efforts

  30. Cardsharing is not coming to an end mates.Well at least not all providers.
    For example Flix tv and Antiksat from slowakia and czechia are new Pay tv providers using conax encryption that
    could be shared or watch in non oficial boxes.
    Xxx cards,and so many other cards will most probably be sharable for a long long time so cardsharing as a hobby is not lost 😉
    I guess anti-piracy measures are mostly targeting sports premium channels.

    • Still got bt sports and Eire sports 1&2 premier sports boxnation strangely I only had 1 line but for some reason my provider sent me 4 more no idea why maybe there’s a fix on the cards

  31. Discovery channels still there also a handful of others… only 1 that really effected me was F1, but other ways to watch it when not on Ch4 live.

  32. Cardsharing shouldn’t be considered dead not everyone has super fast broadband for iptv it’s just cardsharing will not be stable if and when it comes back but surely some one somewhere is working on it

    • Got a guy on gumtree said he can give me iptv for 2 years £100 but am not sure as I dont have a clue how it’s works, he just told me to download the app (smart iptv) on my tv which I did then I gave him like a serial no from that app and he did something from is end and I had sky channels started working on this app including channels like beinsports but am not sure how reliable is this service and most especially this guy what if I pay the £100 and it only work for like a week or less than the 2 years he said. I need help as am use to the card sharing and having a box and a person or place to go to if there’s problem with card sharing box. Help please!

      • Thats the risk you take in getting such services… in the same way you could have paid £100 for a cardshare system back in Feb this year, and now have almost no channels on it…

  33. Thanks satandpcguy, I understand just wanna know is that the way iptv works you just download the app and give serial no to the iptv guy and they do something from thier end and you get the sky channels. Or if anyone can recommend a good/reliable iptv guy or anything that will be a massive help.

  34. I find IPTV very unreliable. I have a decent broadband connection at home (dual-40meg lines) and I use IPTV to watch the Premiership games on a Saturday on the bein Sports channels but I get a lot of buffering/breakup, especially when it’s a busy stream (i.e. my team are playing a top-6 team).

  35. Switched over to iptv, if you have a Samsung or LG smart tv download the app Smart iptv. Purchase the full version for £5. Then search for job on eBay found a seller that’s works with the app. I’ve paid a seller£4.99 for a month just to try it out. Sent seller my Mac address that comes on when you start the app. Then they sort it and all the channels come on. Very pleased with it. Would recommend 10mb internet connection. Also the channels are in HD.

    • Still no news, and doubtful there will be any for a long time…
      If you want your channels back via satellite get a Sky card and Sky subscription…thats the only way to get them via satellite.

  36. Another alternative is to get a motorised dish,I still get loads of stuff off other satellites ,on some like 19e I get sly Deutschland in HD and sometimes it allows me to add English commentary .its not all gone down the pan!

  37. I don`t understand people say use IPTV but how are these people doing it, the IPTV has to clear the channels some how.
    I have a paid subscription card and a sky go account, does any one know the tools needed to stream to other devices in my house?
    For example in the kids room there is an android box and in the front room and bedroom i have two old mini computers that run xubuntu. Before i could clear the channels and then stream to the other devices, what would be the soloution that these iptv providers use?

    • One method is using multiple Sky boxes connected to HDMI capture cards which is then transcoded and distributed to clients.

  38. good morning people, are the c-lines for openbox still working as my V8S will not connect to most channels would like to recover BT 1 BT2 ect . can anybody advise please

    • ive used iptv on my openbox v8..but when you play them..they seem to last a second or 2..so how can you make them play continuously???

  39. Having lost Channels on the Openbox like everyone, and talk of the way forward is IPTV, having being bitten twice on Ebay with dodgy sellers with Openbox Channels, can anyone on here email me a trusted IPTV supplier. I have an Sony Android TV and live in the UK.
    Many Thanks

  40. Hi.
    Can anyone tell me are all the other paid channels gone now as well on cardsharing? Since yesterday I have had none of the other channels such as BT Sports or the International/Documentary ones. Are they gone for good or my provider has cut me off as he replied their are no problems on their servers.

    • I lost all the channels that had been working (bt sports, discovery, Eden ect) but I downloaded a new updated channel list and got them back.

      • Yep, I got the last (June) channel update list for my V8s and I was watching discovery and BTsp2 today. Really just lost sly sp 1 to 5 and movies, rest seem OK for now.

  41. I still have INTELSAT-907 working OK for all the normal UK channels and the card-sharing still has a load of channels that are worth watching (so not unusable yet)…… hopefully the card-sharing will return some time in the future, but until then – get hold of a kindle fire-stick (or similar device), reset it to factory settings, re-enter your amazon account & password …… then install mobdro which will get you the full UK channels, including all SKY channels – for FREE

  42. Lost all remaining Sky channels (Eir Sport BT Sport, W, Dave, etc) yesterday including the porn, plumbed my old sky box back in and got more freeview channels than were ever on my Openbox, going back to sky subscription at the weekend, it was fun while it lasted

  43. If anyone want Premier L.
    Go to Hotbird 13E
    Get NC+ (Polish premium sat tv)
    Nearly all uk games live, with polish comentatory – but you can use radio five live sports.
    Plus Bundesliga, Spanish and It Italian. All HD.

    • Don’t know to much about all this but can this be done with you standard sly satellite or do you need a special type of satellite?

      Thanks in advance

  44. The advantage of iptv is that you also get PL extra time channel so you can watch every game of your team, week in week out. And loads of US Canadian and BeIN sports 1-16 channels as well.

  45. As of the 18th July, sky have announced new sports channels, Golf, F1 etc along with other channels. Maybe a big reshuffle of channels and frequencies going on?

  46. Any update on when sky sports channels will come back or if they will come back? Iptv is very unreliable on openbox v8s and would much rather a ccam server that has sky sports

        • The issue is the same it has always been, it is not easy to hack. They have been working on it since March this year, so one would assume that i they have taken so much time, perhaps it is impossible to crack.

  47. If you are waiting for sly channels to come back on satellite, you are wasting your time. It WON’T happen!
    IPTV is the way forward now.

  48. Hello, does anyone know where I can find some reliable IPTV. I recently lost all my channels, very disappointed, need to find something before the new Premier League season starts.

  49. I have iptv with years got it for the 3 o clock kick offs it does the job fine but everyone on here saying its the way to go hasnt had iptv long enough..regardless how fast your internet is its a streaming service packs will b lost either way leaving you with issues its not even close to how good the cardsharing system was ive also had that about 5 years so it owes me nothing..i wonder when will sky encrypt the rest of the channels as there the only ones i watch anyway bar sky sports?

  50. Also if your totally strung out for tv and u go with iptv if u have an android box just dload the app perfect player its decent and you can upload channel guides if your provider has them or you want to pay a third source..if your getting iptv and dont have android box buy a mag box oldskool format but designed for iptv

  51. Just bought iris box with subscription in spain. MOVED dish ,Get all movistar/bein sports.Ok some in Spanish but watch moto go all uk games Sat afternoon.None of this iptv carp.30 euros a year.Basically Spanish card shsring

    • I have iptv for 2 months now bought from ebay free trial 1st week now 6 months workd fantastic no freezing perfect picture easy to use and 1000s channels

      • For channels like BBC and ITV via Freesat or Sky, then somewhere between a 1.4 and 1.8m dish.
        For Sky pay channels, a 1m dish should be fine

    • No more news, and none is expected. After 6 months, I would say that you have lost those channels and they are not coming back on cardshare services.

  52. Are you sure scrambled?
    I put my card into the original receiver and it said technical fault on the history channels.
    But i can get all the others.

  53. You know….I use spider box and have done for nearly 8 years now, channels come and go….but most of the european and some uk are left available !!! in fact where as i used to get 8 versions of history /sy-fy/discovery etc now i only get 4 of each but still great and very worthwhile….people have actually said to me ….but these are foreign !!!! (if people check you may find the audio is programable and can be changed to english) i’m old school and have been watching since mid 80’s (filmnet screensport era)…its a fun hobby and i’ll always believe there has to be a way to stop the murdoch and other profiteers…(i’m sure even long after i’m gone people will still find ways around bloodsucking corprate giants) they destroy all that is good (remember BSB)……AND I STILL HAVE A USE FOR MY SQUARIAL !!!!

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