May 032017

Filmon UK TV Streaming Service No Longer Free

Many people have been using Filmon for free access to some of the UK TV channels.

In fact we also use the filmnon service for our sister site

Filmon provided free streams for many UK TV channels.

For a subscription you could also record and watch in “higher definition”.

Earlier this year, Filmon affiliates were told that their affiliate service would be discontinued in April May 2017.

On the 1st May Filmon stopped their free service.

Filmon is now a paid / subscription service.

Dear User,

Thank you for contacting FilmOn Customer Support.

We are sorry for the delay with high volume of emails!

Unfortunately, We need to inform you, that we are no longer offering watching for free in SD for most channels.

We’re very sorry and apologize for the inconvenience, as we had no possibility to let You know about this change in our service in advance.

Filmon does lure you with a free ” 2 minutes” before it asks you to subscribe.

If using an Android / Kodi box for your UK TV you may be able to locate some other “kodi” addons that did not use filmon as their source.

Otehrwise, you may have to revert back to satellite TV direct from the satellites, or via a paid IPTV service….


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