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More Sky channels closed on Cardshare systems today — 24 Comments

  1. What about droid boxs are they any good or you can,t watch any sports channels on they aswell meaninig have they been blocked aswell

    • Does iptv work well or is there a lot of buffering ? Also is the Internet usage high because it is a streaming service. Anyone use iptv that finds it good

      • All depends on your internet speeds, your internet ping, your isp, how your ISP routes traffic through their servers. A lot of factors affect IPTV services…

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  3. Cardsharing is on death row now surely? Dead by end of year? Is it at all likely that we might see a rabbit pulled out of a hat somewhere?

    • And although most people knew something would be happening this year, there were still, and are still, people selling boxes for these services…

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  5. Hi got this link from my provider as from Wednesday everything down so I’m guessing there’s no fix for this Eg moving to different transponders or is It just a waiting game.
    Or is it best to look for different avenues don’t want to go down the iptv route Eg spend money on new equipment to find out it gets fixed but I guess you guys are all thinking the same thing but would still like to know what everyone is thinking especially satandpcguy thanks.

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  7. Personally I see this as an end of card sharing era, if you think about the amount of money this was losing SKY… getting rid of card sharing and strengthening there encryption has been probably their number 1 priority among others…

    I would start looking for alternatives IPTV is good but I have no experience in how stable it is i.e what about buffering e.t.c and you won’t get SKY with that anyways…

  8. Don’t care!! I still want pay for the films or programs on Sky; they are repeated over and over. People will stop have fast broadband because theres nothing worth having it for? So they will lose money with the lose of Broadband subs?

    • They work for live tv without internet connection, they work for on demand with a vpn / smart dns connection

  9. The thing is, in many cases, Sky wasn’t losing any money, because many people using the sharing system couldn’t get Sky legally anyway. If the stupid regional rules (e.g. “if you are an ex-pat living in France you can’t have Sky UK”) were to be removed, more people living in such areas might decide to take out legal subscriptions.

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