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Sky Movies / Cinema and Nat Geo channels removed from Sky Cardsharing today — 14 Comments

  1. It is sad I think for people who are new to this that have paid sky for most of their lives. The thing is if you like Sport and you want it instant say for horse racing then IPTV is rubbish, because it is so delayed, the only positive for me is I get fibre now so can watch live on betting sites, for everything else I pretty much download anyway, the decryption companies will lose there stream if they can’t fix it, but as Jon rightly states, they have had plenty of time and this has been 2 years coming.

    • Its not that much delayed on my iptv, about 30 seconds if that, i get all channels i used to get on sky but no buffering, maybe the odd artefact now and again which clears within a second, iptv is where its at now, it may cost a little more than the ccline but miles better and in HD.

  2. I am gutted too as not long paid 300€ for a better set top box, if this happened 2 months ago it woukd of atleast saved me this. Lets hope some genius can sort it as using iptv with mobdro is useless with 10 mb speed, fibre would be a lot better i guess. Not going back ti sky either way, total rip off.

    • I have just seen someone in my area who paid for a new cardshare system this monday…and surprise surprise the installer did not say anything at all about the missing channels that were lost a few weeks ago, nor that others will also be on their way out…

  3. Hi Guy’s i am a newbie and have been watching my Skybox for over three years now and am now thinking about switching to IPTV can anyone suggest the best way to do this and where to Buy please?

    • you could use IPTV, I am using it and have put it in for a few people the server I have been using is very stable it has HD channels, but still not as good as card sharing!! no jumping or anything like that its just the quality. you need to find a good server and you will have your channels back

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