Jun 282017

Sky Sports to revamp channels and price structures

Sky Sports is to drop the numbering system it has used for its channels for more than two decades, replacing them with a thematic offer around individual sports.

New channels centred on football, cricket and golf will replace the existing line-up of Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The numbering of its sports channels will be removed in favour of creating specific channels for specific sports, following the example of Sky Sports F1. So far, leaked details published in the press, confirm two channels for football, one for golf, one for cricket and a channel called Sky Sports Arena showing rugby and tennis. Sky Sports Mix, launched last year with a daily pick of coverage from across Sky Sport’s portfolio of channels, and Sky Sports News will continue to broadcast.

At the same time a new packaging structure will reduce prices for some viewers by two-thirds. The new strategy will allow Sky to charge £18 for its cheapest package – although the whole Sky Sports bundle will remain a costly option.

The changes, expected to be implemented for the new football season, will see subscription prices revamped, with the price of an entry level package cut. Next year, Sky will start offering its main, premium subscription service via the internet, alongside the budget-Now TV service.

Sky is expected to make a formal announcement soon, putting an end to rumours in the press that have been in circulation since early April.


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