Jul 182017

Sky channel number changes due to Sky Sports relaunch

Sky has today completed a reshuffle of entertainment and sports channels, due to the changes to the Sky Sports channels

The following changes have been made to Sky’s channel line-up in the UK today:

Sky Sports Mix has moved to channel 121/287. The channel was previously listed in the Sport Genre.
Sky Arts/Sky Arts HD has moved to channels 122/286.
Sky Living+1 has moved to channel 129.
Sky 2 has moved to channel 163. (164 in Northern Ireland).
Pick+1 has moved to channel 164 (283 in Northern Ireland).
Challenge +1 has moved to channel 170.
Sky Atlantic+1 has moved to channel 217.

Sky Sports 1 is now Sky Sports Main Event on channels 401/435.
Sky Sports 5 is now Sky Sports Premier League and has moved to channels 402/436.
Sky Sports Football has launched as a new channel – it’s available on channel 403 and 439.
Sky Sports 2 is now Sky Sports Cricket and has moved to channels 404/440.
Sky Sports The Open (ex-Sky Sports 4) has moved to channels 405 and 451. On the 24th July 2017, the channel becomes Sky Sports Golf.
Sky Sports F1 has moved to channels 406/472.
Sky Sports 3 has become Sky Sports Action and has moved to channels 407/473.
Sky Sports Arena has launched on channels 408/474.
Sky Sports News has moved to channels 409/451.


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