Sep 122017

Sky launches Spanish streaming service

Sky has launched a new streaming service for the Spanish market, in the competition against the already well-known offers from Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Movistar, and Wuaki.

The new service offers a selection of Spanish pay-TV channels, TV series and on demand movies.

It’s priced at €10 a month with marketing materials that suggest the service leans more towards the Now TV model than that of the satellite service Sky runs in the UK, Germany and Italy.

David Nuñez, Director, Market Development, Spain, commented: “Sky’s new service offers customers a great value, no-strings relationship with their favourite shows for just €10 a month. With a simple and intuitive solution, whether it’s watching the latest entertainment live or via catch-up, having the choice of the latest TV Series or enjoying hundreds of box office smash hits, this new service offers something for everyone.”

Commenting on the launch Maria Aguete, Executive Director, IHS Markitt, said: “Sky is launching today in Spain where Pay-TV penetration is relativily low: only 32% (around 6 million TV households) subscribe to Pay TV services (and less than 1 million to standalone online subscription subscribers)

“It will be a very challenging road for Sky that arrives a bit late, both HBO and Netflix are already in the market, and despite Sky offering a €10 package, Spanish customers will not pay for several online providers, especially with the lack of exclusive content.”

Content providers include Fox, TNT, History, Sy-Fy, TCM, Calle 3, Nickelodeon and National Geographic. Movies and series will be available from Disney, 20th Century Fox, NBCU, Paramount and Sony Pictures.

The Sky TV Series service has a very, very small catalog compared to Netflix that has more than 400 series available in Spain, or more than 250 Movistar +, more than 100 HBO, and even the modest 33 of Wuaki. Also keep in mind that Netflix, HBO and Amazon offer exclusive content thanks to its original productions.

Sky’s movie catalog is above 250, also well below the more than 400 offered by HBO, more than 800 by Wuaki, almost 1700 by Netflix, and more than 2300 by Movistar +.

What is on Offer

– 12 live pay channels: FOX, FOX Life, TNT, Story, Syfy, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, TCM, Comedy Central, 13th Street, Disney XD and National Geographic.

– Catch-up mode to access live content for up to 30 days after 24 hours of broadcast.

– 61 TV series.

– 258 films and 31 children’s content.

– Available for web, iOS and Android. It does not support Chromcast and Airplay.

– Up to three devices running the same account.

– Trial period of 1 month free, then paid with PayPal or credit card.

– You can buy subscriptions of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months in Fnac, MediaMarkt, El Corte Inglés, Game or Worten.

– You can not view content outside of Spain.

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