Sep 282017

BBC iPlayer adds “from the archive” programmes

The BBC has begun to open up its archives via the iPlayer, with programmes from 1946 to the present day.

Since Monday, the new “from the archive” category allows viewers to delve through a selection of historical BBC programmes, with a total of 450 shows available initially.

The new category has launched with programmes including Louis Theroux UFOs from his Weird Weekend series; Leaving The Cult from the Storyville strand and the full series of Killing For Love.

Also to be included is footage which hasn’t been shown since first broadcast, including collections such as the Great War Interviews, a series of interviews with World War One veterans and civilians filmed in the 1960s.

BBC documentary strands including Horizon, Storyville and Imagine will be available, alongside popular classics and programmes from legendary BBC stars including Parkinson, Frost, Attenborough and Wogan. It will also include interviews from sport icons and artists such as Muhammad Ali, Alex Higgins, Henry Moore and Salvador Dali to profiles on historical figures such Martin Luther King, Orson Welles and Paul Getty.


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